Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Ichthy Hair

I am not sure if this is common to Icthyosis Vulgaris sufferers, but the condition of my hair has always been odd and baffles all the hairstylists I've been to. My scalp is rather oily, but my hair is very dry. If I don't comb it throughout the ends, it will tangle and turn into matted hair clumps.

My sister though she doesn't have Icthyosis Vulgaris, she has gorgeous skin. However, we share the same hair type. Our hair is oily at the scalp, but very dry in general. Dry to almost brittle which depends on the weather. Our hair color is dark brown. Honestly, the matting is annoying. I don't know what causes it. Maybe its the Ichthy, maybe its not.

The hair in my ichthyosis pores however are black and coarse and curled up. It amazes me when I pull them out of the pores, some are rather long. I guess if I had normal pores, I would be this girl with hairy legs.

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