Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ichthyosis and Pregnancy

My bump is growing bigger and bigger by the day. Unlike my first pregnancy which I looked hideously large, this time I look like a normal-size mom (almost that I don't look preggy at all except for the large belly). I don't have any flaking either. In fact, I have great skin throughout this pregnancy, must be the hormones. My linea negra didn't appear on my belly, my hair is fab, not dry and I have no stretch marks this time.

Unlike before the stretch marks and the flaking would go hand in hand. It looked awful. In between the cellulite, the cracks would appear and the really dry areas would crack open forming little cuts. Similar to diabetic patients when they have cuts on their garter-belt areas near the belly. The pain is tolerable, but just makes the whole pregnancy a bundle of discomfort.

The Ichthyosis Vulgaris during pregnancy is quite bothersome near the legs if you have edema or swelling, the skin stretches and you feel everything so tight around that skin area of the legs (like a sausage stuffed in a tight casing). You see more of your veins underneath and the flakes are drawn out flat because its fully stretched out.

I just hope my second baby, won't have Ichthyosis. A very mild form of it would be a blessing, the way my youngest sister is (just hyperlinear palms and no flaking). My eldest son is also the same no flakes just hyperlinear palms and feet.

But now I'm just stressing over it and I'm really hoping the genetics lottery would be kind to my baby.


  1. Hello! Just stumbled on your blog. How did things turn out?

  2. Well he's 6 years old now, he has no flaking, but he has hyperlinear palms and feet. Same with my eldest son. I guess I'm lucky I married a hairy man lol, basically countered my ichthyosis genes. Maybe I should do a post about it soon :)