Monday, November 5, 2012

Channel 4 TV Medical Episode Embarrassing Bodies: Ichthyosis

I found this video from Google. Okay I am definitely not a big fan of the show's title Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies.

Ichthyosis is hard enough to deal with and sure we feel 'embarrassed' by it. However, the show's title is a shame. Okay after watching the episode, I'm glad it was very straightforward medical show and not a fussy freak-of-the-week thing. I actually like the treatment they presented.

A note from the show: The treatment given to this patient was a combination of Cetraben, Culmurid and Eucerin and then a cling film wrap, but it might not work for everyone so best to go to your GP and get their professional opinion.

Eucerin I've heard before, but not Cetraben. Glad to hear about something new. What amazed me is that the woman's leg had bigger patches of flakes. My flakes are usually 'grouped' smaller. Hers are like countries on a map while mine are like island patches. But surprisingly when she removed the cling film and I saw the pores (the chicken-like pores on her skin) I couldn't help but say 'Whoa! those are my legs!' They pretty look much like my legs after a bath.


  1. I really like your blog, it has encouraged me to restart mine.

    -John Arick

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  3. hai my skin is really look like her before treatment, can u help me to write down step by step the treatment please , how to get the lotion?

  4. Hi Dionne here I was in the embarrassing bodies show. I'm just curious to know if any of the creams helped you?