Thursday, December 15, 2011

Have a Snowflakey Christmas!

I love Christmas for the food and the festive holiday spirit, not to mention the gifts and visits by friends and family.

The holidays however do bring about something very constant about the season- the cold air. As much as the weather here is humid and regularly hot. Come Christmas the winds turn cold making it a lot difficult for me to deal with the Ichthyosis flaking.

The worst Christmas flaking I had was when I was 9 years-old, I remember my heels cracking open. The hyperlinear lines on my soles usually just open up, revealing the fleshy part beneath it :( Yup, its bad enough to dampen my holiday spirit. Imagine, not being able to walk around for Christmas shopping due to achy heels.

Fashion today offers a bit of comfort for me, I'm glad knee-high boots are so in this year. Will definitely cover up my flaking legs this Christmas. As for my soles, they don't open up as much anymore, I don't know why really. But I'm not so upset anymore, I've learned to deal with the Ichthy surprises :)