Thursday, September 1, 2011

If I Molt, would you Bolt?

Dating and Ichthyosis was never an issue for me as long as I kept one away from the other. Ha!

Well, if you date a guy long enough, every thing will go beyond skin deep. Eventually you realize some human beings will see you as a real human being and not a walking contagion. I guess I got lucky in that department, the guy didn't bolt when I molted. I think I held the fort long enough to cover my Ichthy past the third date, so I got around to it and told him so.

Okay, so honey, that ain't my dandruff on your shirt, but my skin.

He smiles. So you molt like a snake, so what?

I guess one can never fully realize the sense of relief that comes after. Now when you're beyond the Ichthyosis and whatever other issues. Its time to really focus on the relationship and the more serious and sometimes mind-numbing issues between two human beings like love.

Oh yes, love.

There is enough love in the world for people with Ichthyosis, you just need to get out of your flaky shell and find it :) Goodluck!

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