Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Fuss over Kim Kardashian and Psoriasis

When a celeb gives a face to an affliction, this can be a boon or bane, but just the same it tells us that such genetic disorders don't spare anyone celebs included.

So the big celebrity news that has households swinging the term Psoriasis around is surprisingly attributed to Kim Kardashian. Her legs are now hounded by the paparrazi when news of her Psoriasis flare-ups reach the tabloids.

So in a span of a week, there has been so much coverage on Kim Kardashian having Psoriasis. What a way to debut such news, quite timely since August 2011 is National Psoriasis Awareness Month. I guess the whole world is now pretty much informed and googling about what Psoriasis is and what it possibly looks like on a lovely Kim Kardashian.

On twitter, Kim Kardashian shows the world a cute little heart shape spot of Psoriasis. Just what the world should know about that Psoriasis sufferers need understanding, not discrimination. Like everyone else, Psoriasis and Ichthyosis sufferers have a lot of love to give.

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